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handshakeAre you finding your resources stretched?
Can you see great opportunities but your personnel are tied up with their day to day responsibilities?
Do you need to focus on a project to see it managed to a great outcome?
Do you need to find a way to make a connection between policy, planning and people?
Are you finding it difficult to develop strong, meaningful strategic plans to guide your organisation and its stakeholders?

Sena Solutions can help.

At Sena Solutions we provide external resources to assist organisations to achieve their goals.  We specialise in

  • Strategy Development:

We partner with organisations, understanding your objectives and working with you to deliver real world, sustainable solutions. Read more

  • Project Management:

We assist organisations to manage projects – from grant applications through to acquittal and evaluation. Read more

  • Economic Development:

We can help with identifying opportunities, scoping out a program and managing the process to achieve your objectives. Read more

At Sena Solutions we believe that prompt and efficient service is vitally important.  We aim to understand and respect the needs and wishes of our clients and be transparent in all our dealings.  Our promise is to deliver on time, every time!


“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” Albert Einstein